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America Retectio by Johannes Stradanus

Series :  Engravings on leather
Year :  2011
Unique ID :  pe.0002.3
Authors :  Pyro Skin A.I.
Frame design :  walnut frame
Size :  640 mm x 500 mm
Area shown :  Allegorical engraving
$ 2400.00
Famous 16th Century allegorical scene commemorating the discovery of America, from an original drawing by Johannes Stradanus, a Flemish artist living in Italy and engraved by Adrian Collaert for Galle's «Americae Retectio» in 1585. Series «Americae Retectio» was also re-issued in 1592 to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Columbus' discovery of the New World, comprises four allegorical prints and depicts the discovery of America, with Columbus, Vespuccius, and Magellan on their ships. It commemorated the centenary of the discovery of America. The original plates of both series were reworked and reprinted in 1638 by Joannes Galle. The engraving shows the coastline from Livorno to Savona. The main image shows Neptune, supporting a Globe, flanked by Flora-representing Florence, and Janus-representing Genoa. The coat of arms of each city is depicted just beyond each of these figures. Flora is shown holding back a draped curtain, thus revealing the western hemisphere which was previously hidden behind behind this cloak of obscurity. Medallion portraits of Vespucci and Columbus appear above this scene, and Magellan is alluded to by the indication of Magellanica on the globe. Portraits of Columbus and Vespucci are shown above. The globe shows the world on an inverse projection, with America on the right. The entirety of South America, the Caribbean, Central America and the Eastern Part of North America can be seen, extending to the southern tip of Greenland.