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Astronomical maps and atlases, rare celestial and terrestrial spheres dated to the XV-XVII centuries, old solar and lunar calendars...
Antique geographical and navigation charts, nautical maps, portolans dated to the VIII-XVIII centuries, ancient cities and places...
Medieval engravings, old drawings dated to the VIII - XVI centuries, geometry, mathematics, physics and antique mechanics...
Old anatomy and medicine drawings, ancient zoology, rare ornithology, botany, floristics and perfect japanese graphics...
Ancient parchments and scrolls, manuscripts, rare and little known book arts, incunabula collections...
Mythic and heraldic creatures, fictitious animals from ancient tales and forgotten legends ...
Mystical symbols, magic signs, hermetical texts, alchemical treatises, kabbalah, astrology and esoteric knowledges...
Famous artists and painters of the 18-19 centuries, perfect artworks, pictures, well-known oil paintings, sculptures, drawings...

Posters and reproductions on canvas from our collections

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If you are not sure about engravings and maps on leather but you want to buy nice, unusual and not expensive souvenier, - we offer to buy high quality printed poster or reproduction of the image you have selected in our catalog. We print posters and reproductions of engravings from the high quality digital sources on large-format Mimaki plotters using any preferable format (A4, A3, A2, A1, A0) selected by you, up to the size 2,50 x 1,60 meters (4 sq.m). Printing material is a durable synthetic canvas resistant to humidity and color losses caused by sun light.

Printed poster or reproduction - it is very attractive and nice gift with reasonable cost. All reproductions are printed with exact colors and geometry proportions of digital source images. We hope that you will find an image you like - we have more than 10 000 digital engravings and maps in perfect quality.

You can select preferable themes and appropriate image for printing in our digital catalog.

Current cost of printed poster or reproduction on canvas without frame:

1) Format A4 (300 mm х 210 mm) - 8,00 EUR (10,00 USD)

2) Format A3 (420mm х 300 mm) - 17,00 EUR (20,00 USD)

3) Format A2 (600 mm х 420mm) - 33,00 EUR. (40,00 USD)

4) Format A1/A1+ (840 mm х 600 mm) - 66,00 EUR (80,00 USD)

5) Format A0+ (1200 mm х 840 mm) - 82,00 EUR (100,00 USD)

6) Format XXL + (2400 mm х 1600 mm) - 131,00 EUR (160,00 USD)

If you need to select and add frame to your images - click green button "frame this artwork" (bottom part of of size&prices menu on the right side of the screen). List of available frames will be loaded immediately. After that you can click on any frame and system automatically will show you framed image. If you want to see enlarged image - click on green "view larger image" button.

Total cost of the selected frame will be calculated automatically for all sizes of current image available for printing, and calculated cost will be included to each line of size&prices menu on the right side of the screen. You can select desirable size of poster and add it to your cart.

When you will proceed to checkout you should see fully calculated retail price of poster with frame and detailed printing options in descriptive section of appropriate item's line of you cart.

Please contact us, if you need any specific image which we don't have currently in our digital catalog. We cooperate with world's largest digital images archives, so we sure that we can find and print any known image with help of our business partners.

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