Buy handmade engraving or map on leather - "Orbis terrae compendiosa descriptio" world map by Rumold Mercator
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"Orbis terrae compendiosa descriptio" world map by Rumold Mercator

Series :  Engravings on leather
Year :  2011
Unique ID :  pe.0002.35
Authors :  Pyro Skin A.I.
Frame design :  italian redwood frame
Size :  1000 mm x 550 mm
Area shown :  World map
USD 1500,00
Gerard Mercator's great world map of 1569 was condensed into double hemispherical form by his son Rumold Mercator. It first appeared in 1587 and was incorporated into his long-lived and influential Atlas from 1595 to 1602. Mercator was the first to make a distinction between North America and South America. The engraving is a model of clarity and neatness, with typical cursive flourishes to the lettering of the sea names. Surrounding the hemispheres is a strapwork border; between them at the top is an armillary sphere and at the bottom an elaborate compass rose. Artwork recreated as framed handmade leather pyro engraving.