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Catalog: Tarot and Oracle decks

Sola Busca Tarot
Also known as the Illuminating Ancient Tarot and the Ancient Enlightened Tarot, the deck provides direct way to exploring the secrets of the Western occultism doctrine, the Alchemy and medieval Masters of Natural Philosophy.

$ 50.00

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Tarot De Marseille De Jacques Vieville 1650
Rare and original Tarot de Marseille, created by Jacques Vieville in the 17th century.

$ 80.00

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Tarot de Marseille 1748 (mini)
Pocket size deck of Tarot de Marseille, reprinted 1748 edition.

$ 40.00

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Tarot Flamand de 1780
Tarot de Flamand (The Flamand Tarot or Flemish Tarot) is the best known sample of Franco-Belgian tarot, was originally printed in Brussels, Belgium, around 1750-60...

$ 40.00

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Tarot of the Master
Created and published in Torino(1893) with the title "I Naibi di Giovanni Vacchetta"

$ 30.00

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Lasenikuv Tarot (The Czech Tarot of Lasenic's)
Card illustrations by Vladislav Kuzel are from the book by Pierre de Lasenic "Tarot, klic k iniciaci" ("Tarot: Keys of Initiation"), first published in Praha (Czechia) in 1938...

$ 50.00

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