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Ansata handmade leather Tarot

Series :  Handmade Tarot on leather
Unique identifier :  HLT29.03
Size :  3,5" x 5,125"
$ 3000.00

Perfect and unique Tarot cards for true collectors. 22 Major Arcanes carefully engraved on special leather by hands only. This deck is based on the interpretation of Paul Struck's illustrations.

Each card represents separate and unique artwork, graceful miniature which has been engraved on the leather surface by specialized pyrographic tools.

You can buy with this handmade Tarot deck special wooden box with engraved leather cover (you can customize engraved ornament, or just buy wooden box without any engravings, with the varnished and polished cover). In this section Boxes, tubes, vessels you can see an examples of wooden boxes with engraved leather covers.

Handmade Tarot cards delivery term is 5-7 weeks.

You also can get more detailed information about how it's made, terms and delivery conditions, in this section: Handmade leather Tarot decks.

Handmade Tarot cards also can be made in individual order, for example, if you need only one, two or three cards as talisman or for a gift.

Please contact us for detailed information about manufacturing conditions of any single card.

E-mail or call us if you want to recreate your favorite Tarot deck on leather and which is not available in our catalog.