Buy Tarot bags - "Sibylla Delphica" (Oracle of Delphi) - silk Tarot bag
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"Sibylla Delphica" (Oracle of Delphi) - silk Tarot bag

Series :  Tarot bags
Unique identifier :  stb.19.1125
Issued :  Pyro Skin A.I.
Size :  15 cm X 20 cm
$ 30.00
Silk bag for Tarot cards or any magical accessories with image of ancient Sibylla Delphica (Oracle of Delphi) engraving. High quality and bright fabric printing on silk with great color depth and without losses of the smallest image details. The image on the bag is very durable - it colors will not fade and bag can be wash in the washing machine for cleaning. The bag has a size (15 cm x 20cm) - perfect size to store any of your Tarot or Oracles decks, including the non-standard. Size can slightly differ (2-3 mm) to the specified.