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Ansata Tarot

Series :  Tarot decks
Unique identifier :  td.00.0039
Authors :  Paul Struck
Size :  3,5" x 5,125"
$ 78.00
The Ansata Tarot is a 22-card Majors only deck, with Strength being 11 and Justice 8 in this deck. The cards are very detailed and complex, most closely associated with Astrology, but contain many esoteric symbols and are loaded with occult symbolism in general. The card backs feature a geometric design with a central image of a two-tone square inside a two-tone circle. When first beginning with the deck you won’t be able to tell if the card of upright or reversed until you get used to seeing that particular shape in one direction or the other. The artwork of the deck is done in a classic style, leaning heavily on Egyptian themes and imagery. Rather than a rehash of the Rider-Waite, this deck has taken the symbolism of the cards in a whole new direction. The same original themes are clearly there, and the cards are easily recognizable to any student of Tarot, but the images are a little darker than the norm so some may find them a little disturbing. They are very surreal, designed to stir the imagination and get in touch the shadow self in order to better learn from both the darkness and the light. They have been described as grim, melancholy, gruesome, and even frightening, but only if one takes the images only on a first glance. If you look deeper into the images, the true meanings of the cards and the artwork really shine, the messages of the Major Arcana that much more powerful simply because they show the darker sides as well. There are always two sides to every lesson of the Major Arcana, warnings along with the lighter aspects, and this deck displays both very well. If you only want a light-hearted, happy deck, this one may not be for you. But if you are interested in really examining all parts to a situation, then this deck will light up every corner of your mind, illuminating everything that may be lost in the shadows.