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Art Nouveau Tarot Antonella Castelli

Series :  Tarot decks
Unique identifier :  ISBN : 978-8865272398
Authors :  Antonella Castelli
Issued :  Lo Scarabeo
Size :  66 mm x 120 mm
$ 48.00
Antonella Castelli created this wonderful Art Nouveau Tarot deck on the basis of the famous Art Nouveau artist Alphonse Maria Mucha’s artworks. This style grew in Europe and in the U.S.A. at the turn of the XX century and influenced not only paintings, but also graphics, architecture, furniture and even jewellery design. The deck’s design is elegant, flowery and ornate, every scene of its cards’ is adorned and decorated with floral wreathes and natural arrangements of leaves, flowers and vines. The images are mostly represented by young and attractive women, the men are vigorous and masculine. The art relies on nuance for understanding and conveys meaning with the expression and position of the human figure and face, rather than with the traditional set of tarot symbols. The major arcana meanings are close to the usual archetypes, while the minor arcana are not always linked with familiar Rider-Waite style meanings and symbology and the artist's intending meaning is not always apparent. The Art Nouveau Tarot is recommended for intermediate to advanced experienced readers who already have a liking for art nouveau styles and can become a gorgeous part for exclusive collection.