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Lasenikuv Tarot (The Czech Tarot of Lasenic's)

Series :  Tarot decks
Creation date :  1938-2001
Unique identifier :  td.00.0027
Authors :  Pierre de Lasenic (Petr Kohout from Lasenice)
Issued :  Trigon Publishing, Prague, Czech Republic
Size :  69 mm x 105 mm
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This deck is the Lasenikuv Tarot, republished by Trigon Publishing in 2001 (Pierre de Lasenic tarot). Card illustrations by Vladislav Kuzel are from the book by Pierre de Lasenic, the French name for Petr Kohout z Lasenice, "Tarot, klic k iniciaci" ("Tarot: Keys of Initiation"), first published in Praha (Czechia) in 1938. These cards were primarily used to illustrate his book. Since the original color edition bears Lasenic's initials on the backs of the cards, Lasenic is probably the designer of the deck. The first tarot pack was produced in color shortly before World War II and reissued in a black and white edition. The designs are based on those of Oswald Wirth.