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Laseniс Tarot (Pierre de Lasenic Tarot, 1940)

Series :  Tarot decks
Creation date :  1940 renewal edition (with original Horev club booklet)
Unique identifier :  td.00.0027
Authors :  Pierre de Lasenic
Issued :  2022 Printed in EU (Czech Republic)
Size :  70 mm x 105 mm
$ 49.00
This perfect and unusual Tarot deck was designed by Czech esotericist Pierre de Lasenic (his original name was Petr Pavel Kohout, 1900-1944) and drawn according to Lasenic’s instructions by Czech artist Vladislav Kuzel (1898-1965). Originally it was first published as a colored set of cards in 1940 together with Lasenic’s book (Tarot, The Key to Initiation, 1939), which included black and white illustrations of the cards.In private collections exists a black and white version of the cards issued in 1939 for the members of the Czech reading club Horev, which Lasenic founded. This deck version has been thoroughly restored and recolored in accordance with the original 1940 edition.