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Tarot Flamand de 1780 (pocket)

Series :  Tarot decks
Creation date :  1780
Unique identifier :  td.00.0022
Issued :  2009
Size :  56 mm x 89 mm (pocket)
$ 48.00
Tarot de Flamand (The Flamand Tarot or Flemish Tarot) is the best known sample of Franco-Belgian tarot, was originally printed in Brussels, Belgium, around 1750-60 by Ignaz van den Borre in wood engravings. The images of these cards vary in some peculiarities from traditional French or Italian Tarots. The deck is partly different from the standard Marseille design, but it follows the Marseille traditional ranking in suits. Though, the images of the deck have the reversed to Marseille Tarot left-right orientation pattern.