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Golden Tarot of Klimt

Series :  Tarot decks
Creation date :  2005
Unique identifier :  td.00.0015
Authors :  Gustav Klimt
Issued :  Lo Scarabeo (ISBN 978-888395458-0)
Size :  66 mm x 120 mm
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Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) was one of the greatest Viennese artists working in Vienna at the turn of the 20th century, famous for the exility, sensuality and charm of his works. When he was 25 years old (in 1897), he has led a revolt from the Viennese School of Arts & Crafts, known as the Vienna Secession. This was similar to achievements in London, Paris, Berlin, New York and Moscow during those years. His art is influenced by diverse sources: medieval woodcuts by Durer, Japanese Ukiyoe paintings, Egyptian, Byzantine, Classical Greek and even Minoan impacts. Klimt was also a Symbolist painter – which seems very appropriate for the adaptation of his art into Tarot cards. The most famous Klimt’s artworks depicted in the deck are The Kiss (card The Lovers), Danae (The Moon), Procession of the Dead (The Tower) etc.