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Hudes Tarot

Series :  Tarot decks
Creation date :  1995/2003
Unique identifier :  HS78
Authors :  Susan Hudes
Issued :  U.S. Games Systems
Size :  70 mm x 120 mm
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This fascinating Tarot deck by Susan Hudes, published in is inspired by the magical and symbolic nature of medieval art and mythology. The cards are skillfully painted with watercolor so that the colors glow like stained glass against the muted backgrounds. The artist took advantage of many details in creating her images, including constellation charts, old maps and marbled paper. The card, suit and Court card names follow Rider-Waite style without deviation. This is a deck of subtle medieval beauty and strength with vivid sketches. As for the Majors, Hudes has taken one particular aspect of each card and increased the impact of that one aspect, presenting it in a lively, mystical and imaginative way.