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Fantastical Tarot

Series :  Tarot decks
Creation date :  1999
Unique identifier :  td.00.0011
Authors :  Nathalie Hertz
Issued :  US Games Systems
Size :  70 mm x 120 mm
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The Fantastical Tarot, designed by French artist Nathalie Hertz, is a magical fantasy interpretation of the Rider-Waite. Her artwork style is unique and sometimes gothic, containing complex figures involves you into reflections upon diverse layouts’ readings. It is the original images and expansion of emotions that this deck gives out, that make Fantastical Tarot so fantastic. Each one of the Major Arcana takes you deep inside the card like a black hole. Layered with a goldish brown border on each card, framing it so that you look at what seems to be a snapshot of your feelings, reaching towards subconscious…