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Egorov Tarot

Series :  Tarot decks
Unique identifier :  td.00.579
Authors :  Alexander Egorov
Issued :  Piatnik
Size :  70 mm x 125 mm
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The style of Taro Egorov is a bewitching mixture of folk tales and Orthodox Russian icon painting. Stylized as Khokhloma painting, the illustrations are enclosed in a gilded frame contrasting with a black background. On the back of the cards (shirt) is an elegant gold pattern. The deck consists of 78 cards. Author and artist: Alexander Egorov. The author adhered to the classic symbolism of Ryder Waite, but slightly changed the meanings and order of the cards. So, for example, on the II Arkan instead of the High Priestess, Science is depicted, on the III Arkan instead of the Empress - Fertility (abundance and wealth), and on the XXI, instead of Peace, the Fool is depicted. The background of the suits of the Minor Arcana corresponds to their elements: Wands depicted on a red background (Fire) Cups - on the swamp (Water) Swords - On Blue (Air) Pentacles - on brown (Earth). Aces depict the elements corresponding to the suits. All cards are signed: large print in English, smaller print - in French and German. The Tarot Egorov deck is well suited to those tarologists who are interested in folklore, appreciate and love the aesthetics of Russian national painting, love working with unusual variations of classic decks, and also prefer contrasting colorful cards.