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Astronomical maps and atlases, rare celestial and terrestrial spheres dated to the XV-XVII centuries, old solar and lunar calendars...
Antique geographical and navigation charts, nautical maps, portolans dated to the VIII-XVIII centuries, ancient cities and places...
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Kepler's Platonic solid model of the Solar system

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Series : Astronomical instruments
Year : 1597
Unique ID : as.04.0006
Authors : Johannes Kepler
Issued : Germany

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Kepler's Platonic solid model of the Solar system from Mysterium Cosmographicum, dated to 1597. Tabula III. Orbium planetarum dimensiones, et distantias per quinque regularia corpora geometrica exhibens. "Kepleri miraris opus. Spectator, olympi. Antea qua nunquam Vita figura tibi Namque Planetarum distantia quanta sit inter Orbes: Euclidis Corpora quinque docent. Quam bene conuemat quod dogma Copernicus olim Tradidit, Autoris nunc tibi monstrat opus. Scilicet exhibuit tanto se munere gratum Autor Tecciaco non sine laude DVCI. Christoforus Leibfried. ff. Tubing: 1597. α. Sphaera ђ β. Cubus primum Corpus regulare Geometricum distantiam ab orbe ђ usque ad ω exhibens γ. Sphaera ω. δ. Tetraedron scue pyramis. ω exterius Sphaeram ω attingens, interius ♂ maximam inter planetas distantiam Causans ε. Sphaera ♂. ζ. Dodecaedron, 3. corpus a Sphaera ♂ usque ad Magnum orbem tellurem cun Luna ferentem repraesentans distantiam η. Orbis Magnus θ. Icosaedron ab orbe Magno ad Spaeram ♀ Veram distantiam indicans ι. Sphaera ♀. x. Octoedron a Sphaera ♀ ad ♀~ orbem exhibens distantiam λ. Sphaera ♀~. μ. Sol Medium siue Centrum Uniuersi immobile. Christoforus Leibfried. ff. Tubing: 1597. Ponatur tabula ad pagin..."

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