Текущий экспонат - Jodocus Hondius World Map
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Typus orbis terrarum

Series :  Navigation and Geography
Unique ID :  gc.01.0078
Authors :  Jodocus Hondius
Issued :  Amsterdam
Edition :  1634
Area shown :  world hemispheres
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The Jodocus Hondius (1563-1612) world map is a double hemispherical map showing Australia unmapped as Terra Australis Incognita, relief is shown pictorially. At foot of first globe there is a title: “Exiguam vasti qui terrarum aspicis orbis essigiem, egregy pictum opus artificis”. The title placed at foot of second globe says: “Te potius mirare ipsum, simulacra videbis in te orbis duplicis, parvus et orbis eris”. Each corner of the map has one of the four elements: aqua, ignis, aer, terra (water, fire, air, ground). The map is taken from from the Atlas “Hondio plurimis aeneis tabulis auctus et illustrates” by Gerardi Mercatoris (Mercator), published in Amsterodam in 1634.