Текущий экспонат - John Speed World Map (colored, type 1)
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John Speed World Map (colored type 1)

Series :  Navigation and Geography
Year :  1626
Unique ID :  gc.01.0063
Authors :  John Speed
Issued :  London, England
Area shown :  world
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"A new and accurat map of the world": drawne according to ye truest Descriptions latest Discoueries & best Obseruations y't have beene made by English or strangers. The world map is represented by John Speed (1552?-1629) as double hemispherical map with two insets, California shown as an island and Antartica is named Magellanica. Text on map is in separate cartouches, relief is shown pictorially. The map is adorned with four portrait miniatures of circumnavigators: Drake, Magellan, Candish and van der Noort.