Текущий экспонат - Adam Friedrich Zurner World Map (color type B)
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Adam Friedrich Zurner World Map (color type B)

Series :  Navigation and Geography
Year :  1700
Unique ID :  gc.01.0027b
Authors :  Adam Friedrich Zurner
Issued :  P. Schenck, Amsterdam
Area shown :  world
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Planisphaerium terrestre cum utroque coelesti hemisphaerio, sive diversa orbis terraquei: vlakke aard-kloot met het beide hemelsch half-rond, of de onder scheidene verbeelding van de land-water-waereld. The world map by Adam Friedrich Zurner (1680-1742) was first printed about 1700 by P.Schenck in Amsterdam. This double hemispherical world map depicts the routes of explorers including Magellan, Dampier, Tasman and Chaumont. Relief is shown pictorially. The map is probably from "Atlas contractus sive mapparum geographicarum", published by P.Schenck at the beginning of the 18th century.