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Astronomical maps and atlases, rare celestial and terrestrial spheres dated to the XV-XVII centuries, old solar and lunar calendars...
Antique geographical and navigation charts, nautical maps, portolans dated to the VIII-XVIII centuries, ancient cities and places...
Medieval engravings, old drawings dated to the VIII - XVI centuries, geometry, mathematics, physics and antique mechanics...
Old anatomy and medicine drawings, ancient zoology, rare ornithology, botany, floristics and perfect japanese graphics...
Ancient parchments and scrolls, manuscripts, rare and little known book arts, incunabula collections...
Mythic and heraldic creatures, fictitious animals from ancient tales and forgotten legends ...
Mystical symbols, magic signs, hermetical texts, alchemical treatises, kabbalah, astrology and esoteric knowledges...
Famous artists and painters of the 18-19 centuries, perfect artworks, pictures, well-known oil paintings, sculptures, drawings...

About Us

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Extraordinary medieval hobby is at the heart of our business. More than 10 years we study, collect and professionally digitize antique copperplate engravings, woodcuts, ancient images on the vellum and parchment.

We create unique gifts and unusual souvenirs, reviving almost forgotten medieval art of pyroengraving - burning images on leather.

We also print high quality framed posters and reproductions on canvas and parchment. We sure that can satisfy any taste - our digital collection has more than 10 000 of unique engravings such as antique geographical maps, nautical portolans, plans of medieval cities, astronomical charts and celestial atlases, ancient illustrations in manuscripts and incunabulas texts, mythological and esoteric symbols,
alchemy and astrology, graphics and fine arts.

You can see our handmade pyroengravings on leather in Engravings on leather section.

If you wish to decorate your room, office or home with a thing which will bring bright and noticeable detail to the interior and emphasize your individuality - we can surprise you.

We recreate unique, little-known and rare historical works of art. All of our artworks are made as multilayered leather pyroengravings. It is hard and complicated process but we proud that can yield a perfect results.

If you need not expensive and perfect gift - we make high quality framed prints, posters and reproductions on canvas or parchment. You can select images for printing from our digital catalog - Posters and Reproductions

Even if you couldn’t find required image within our online catalog, we sure that we will find exactly what you need within our offline image storage shortly.

For each image you can select the most suitable frame type. We offer large set of the interesting frames – frame can be selected by pressing "frame it" button in image's details section from our digital catalog.

We offer such image types to our customers:

  • Antique geographical maps dated to the XIII - XVIII centuries

  • Ancient navigation maps and nautical portolans dated to the VIII - XII centuries

  • Medieval cities and places

  • Astronomical charts, atlases and celestial spheres dated to the XV - XVII centuries

  • Old solar and lunar calendars

  • Medieval engravings and old drawings dated to the VIII - XVI centuries

  • Antique mechanics, geometry, physics

  • Ancient parchments, scrolls and rare book arts, manuscripts and incunabula

  • Bestiary, mythic and heraldic creatures, fictitious animals

  • Hermetical texts and alchemical treatises, mystical and magic signs

  • Astrological symbols and Tarot decks

  • Graphics and fine arts


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