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Handmade Tarot on leather

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If you want to make a truly unique gift to someone who knows what Tarot really is and who understands Tarot's ancient traditions…

• Gift to someone who understands that divination is not just shuffling and reading but the spiritual link that unites Master with Cards' mystery and pierces thin veil of reality revealing the future in the name of the present…

• Gift to someone who knows that real Master should always have his own inimitable and alive magiс…

• Gift which will be Master's mystical mirror capable to keep vital energy of Querent and reflect the slightest changes in the cloth of reality...

You can get here absolute unique handmade Tarot cards engraved on leather.

Here you can find answers for most general questions about handmade Tarot on leather:

1. How it's made?

We engrave cards on the thin sheets of leather tanned in willow bark tincture, without using of any chemicals. Willow is a tree of female magic. Since ancient times willow associated with the Moon and lunar rhythms of life, fertility, performing rites and ceremonies by the women devoted in mysteries of Earth and Water, - many pagan mysteries are also strongly associated with a willow. For these reasons willow is a most appropriate tree for handmade Tarot cards on leather.

2. What are the sizes of handmade Tarot on leather can be created?

Handmade Tarot cards sizes depend on a type of Tarot deck and of course engravings density and complexity. Usually we use such sizes (78 mm x 128 mm, 90 mm x 130 mm). There is also special round version of handmade Tarot (110 mm in diameter).

3. Handmade Tarot cards engraved on leather are thicker than standard printed Tarot cards?

Yes, handmade Tarot cards engraved on leather are more dense than standard printed Tarot cards. The minimum thickness of the card on leather which won't be deformed is 1.5 - 2.0 millimeters. But bear in mind that handmade Tarot cards always contain only 22 Major Arcana and that's why thickness of the deck doesn't exceed average thickness of standard Tarot deck and it is rather convenient for shuffling. Besides you can use alternative shuffling methods for handmade Tarot cards (for example on a table).

4. What kind (type) of Tarot decks do you have?

We always create handmade Tarot with Major Arcana only (22 canonical cards). In our collection you can find handmade decks of French school (Marseille Tarot), English school (Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot), ancient Italian decks (Sola Busca, Colleoni-Baglioni, Visconti di Modrone, I Naibi di Giovanni Vacchetta), Egyptian and mystical decks. Our artworks samples can be viewed in our catalogs.

5. What the difference beetween handmade Tarot cards and standard printed Tarot cards?

First of all it is very special properties of materials used for cards. That's why leather and goatskin (sometimes referred to as 'Morocco') were the most useful materials for bindings of ancient magical books, and secret rites and spells were wrote on a tanned parchment. Ancient Italian card decks of the XV-XVI century which are considered as ancestors of all modern Tarot decks - all of them were engraved and painted on leather. Besides from the visual point of view handmade Tarot on leather produce a very powerful visual impression - much more powerful than any other deck.

6. How much time do you need to create and deliver handmade Tarot deck?

22 Arcana of handmade Tarot can be created during 5-7 calendar weeks (+/- 1 week) from the negotiated date. It is average production term. It is also necessary to understand that Tarot cards' engraving process - exclusively laborious and creative, therefore it doesn't suffer haste or any negligence. Any attempts to engrave quicker will lead only to failures and the spoiled materials. For this reason, for example, we also make a scheduled outage during full Moon days.

7. What the approximate price of handmade Tarot deck engraved on leather and what can be also included in complete set?

Complete set of handmade Tarot may includes:

- handmade Tarot deck engraved on leather (22 Major Arcana);
- wooden or leather box with engraved cover for cards storing and protection (additional cost);

If you have your special Tarot deck which you want to have engraved on leather and we don't have it in out catalogs - please contact us by phone or email to estimate its approximate cost.

Please contact us, we will be glad to answer any of your questions. Also If you simply looking for reasonably priced standard Tarot cards for daily divination purposes - we suggest you to choose something from our Tarot and Oracles decks catalog.


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