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Catalog: Tarot and Oracle decks

Tarot of the Shadows
This dark deck is recommended to the experienced Tarot readers and art collectors.

$ 48.00

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Gothic Tarot by Joseph Vargo
This magic deck leads you into the mystical world of the Night, filled with mist, where gentle light beams shine through...

$ 36.00

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Necronomicon Tarot (with book)
The Necronomicon Tarot itself is made out of the dreams and nightmares and its roots reach deep within the unconscious... be careful!

$ 90.00

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New Orlean's Voodoo Tarot
Louis Martinie along with skilled artist Sallie Ann Glassman created and designed this deck on the basis of Voodoo beliefs as "an act of service to the Loa"...

$ 108.00

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