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Aphricae tabula IIII

Series :  Navigation and Geography
Unique ID :  gc.02.0002
Authors :  Sebastian Munster
Issued :  Basel, Switserland
Edition :  1552
Area shown :  nothern Africa
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This map of Africa by Sebastian Munster (1489-1522) was published in Base (Switserland) in 1552, and is from the last Münster edition of Ptolemy’s Geographia. This is a Ptolemaic map on a trapezoidal projection. Distinctive mountain groups are named, and a very long range is shown running north-south from Aegyptus (Egypt) to Aethiopia interior, where it meets the Montes Lunae (Mountains of the Moon). The area south of those mountains is labeled Terra Ptolemeo incognita (land unknown to Ptolemy). Three lakes (not the usual two of Ptolemy) are the sources of the Nile, and the Niger links two lakes in Libya interior. There is no Saharan desert. The map identifies six different climate zones for northern Africa, and the text blocks name dozens of native peoples who live in Libya, the Upper Nile (above ancient Meroë, the ruins of which are on the territory of modern Sudan), and Egypt.